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April 05, 2012



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June 03, 2011

Jeff Bezos on Pricing Strategy

"There are two kinds of companies — those that work to raise prices and those that work to lower them." Jeff Bezos, founder & ceo of Amazon
Mucho kudos to Todd Sattersten for the quote.

May 30, 2011

Great Brands Inspire Customers

The Wall Street Journal recently ran a profile on Restoration Hardware and its reemergence as a great brand. Much of the article centered around the design and management style of Gary Friedman, Restoration Hardware ceo and chairman.

“Great brands don’t chase customers, customers chase great brands.” - Gary Friedman

The above quote was pulled from Gary explaining how Restoration Hardware, during the recession, resisted playing the low-price value game and instead, doubled-down its efforts to improve the company’s identity and uniqueness. Gary went on to say, “In bad economic times, quality becomes even more important, uniqueness becomes even more important—people need to be inspired to buy something.

Gary’s right.

Just like people need to be inspired to talk about brands... people also need to be inspired to buy something from brands.

What are you doing to inspire customers to buy something?