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Zappos Family Core Values

Zappos Family Core Values

As we grow as a company, it has become more and more important to explicitly define the core values from which we develop our culture, our brand, and our business strategies. These are the ten core values that we live by:

  1. Deliver WOW Through Service
  2. Embrace and Drive Change
  3. Create Fun and A Little Weirdness
  4. Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded
  5. Pursue Growth and Learning
  6. Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication
  7. Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit
  8. Do More With Less
  9. Be Passionate and Determined
  10. Be Humble

What Is The Zappos Family?

Take a gander! See what puts the "Zap" in the Zappos Family and what makes us so special and unique!

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The Zappos Family Library

Many of you ask us, "What inspires the, Inc and its affiliates cultures and the phrase: POWERED by SERVICE?" In essence, "What WOWs the, Inc and its affiliates cultures?" One way we can share the culture with you is through the Zappos Family Library. All of these are given to our employees in an effort to help them practice Core Value #5: Pursue Growth and Learning. We thought, "Why not offer them to our customers as well!":

The Zappos Family Library: Pursue Growth and Learning

The Zappos Family Culture Blog

All of us at live the "work hard, play hard" mentality! The Culture Blog gives you the opportunity to see the "play hard" side of our lives! Enjoy the weird and wonderful:

The Zappos Family Culture Blog: Experience Fun and a Little Weirdness

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