“What is that thing?!?”

Lowell’s customers and pedestrians on Mechanic Street have noticed that we have a strange vehicle in our garage which is most definitely not a Toyota.

Some folks giggle when they see it.  Some just shake their heads.  Most smile.  Everyone wants to know, “What is that thing?!?”

It is a wildly-colorful, whimsical, bicycle-powered, musical, and Seuss-ical contraption known as “PRESTO: The People-Powered Pianobike”.

Prestoside3What’s a people-powered pianobike?  It is pulled by two bikes.  It is powered by a third bike.  It is an electronic keyboard with amp.  It is a community work of art utilizing recycled materials and musical instruments.  It is a celebration of music, fitness, recycling, and fun.  And we keep it here at Lowell’s.

PRESTO is the brainchild of Debra Hensley (that’s her on the right) of Debra’s Social $timulus, and it will be making appearances at public events all over Lexington.

On Memorial Day, PRESTO led 3,000 bicyclists through downtown Lexington for Bike Lexington‘s Family Fun Ride.

In conjunction with Debra’s Social $timulus, Lowell’s is storing PRESTO here at the shop.  We’ve already had several passersby interact with PRESTO, including a swarm of kids honking PRESTO’s many horns.

We think PRESTO is a lot of fun.  If you come by the shop, be sure to look it over.  And smile.

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