Tracy Briggs (Re)Joins Lowell’s

The Lowell’s family is growing! Tracy

We are thrilled to announce the return of a familiar face to Lowell’s.

Tracy Briggs, a long-time technician for Lowell’s and for Lexus of Lexington, returned to Lowell’s just yesterday!

We think Tracy will make a terrific addition to our already-terrific crew, and will help Lowell’s be even better and faster!

Please join us in welcoming Tracy back to Lowell’s!

What we did on winter break


While we were closed for the last week of 2011, we began to redecorate our lobby for 2012.

We unintentionally chose a color-shifting paint: it was supposed to be a neutral beige color, but in different lights, it can look gold, greenish, or peach.

In any case, the result – we hope – is a lighter, brighter, and more pleasant place to visit and to wait in.

Lobby2Small Lobby3SmallIn coming months, we’ll continue to update the decor at Lowell’s.

Please drop in and let us know what you think! (Or make an appointment online!)


When your car still isn’t right

Hi everyone!  Keith here and today’s topic is a difficult – but important – one.

BrakesWhat do you do when there is a problem with your car soon after you pick it up from Lowell’s? Do you bring it back or do you take it somewhere else?

While you may be tempted to take your vehicle elsewhere, we hope that you will bring it back to us so we may address your concern.  If we ever let you down, we ask for the chance to make things right.

I can honestly say everyone here is dedicated to doing the job right the first time. Sometimes, though, we might miss something or may not communicate something that you need to know.

As such, we’d like to correct any discrepancy there may be.  We try to resolve any issues with customers — however large or small.

If you bring your vehicle back to Lowell’s, I can promise we will do our best to make it right.  If we made mistakes during your service, we can usually resolve the problem at no extra cost to you.  If for some reason you still are not satisfied, please contact Rob personally.

We appreciate the trust you place in Lowell’s, and will always work hard to keep it.