Crushing cans

What should we do with all of these cans?
With our low prices on Cokes, we generate a pile of soft drink cans.  We recently obtained a "can-pactor" to crush all of these cans, and it is starting to get full (~500 cans).  We'd really like your creative ideas on what to do with all of these cans.

Please comment below, and tell us what you think we should do with all of that aluminum…

[where: 111 Mechanic St, Lexington, KY 40507]

The good old days

While we've gotten some recent relief on gasoline prices (a nearby Speedway station was all the way down to $1.759 per gallon this morning), it seems like prices for most other things are higher than ever.  It makes us wish for the "good old days".

After we bought Lowell's, one of the most frequent questions we got was whether we would keep selling Cokes for 10 cents.

The answer is "no" — Some things just have to change…

So, on October 1st, we made the decision to sell our Coca-Cola soft drinks for a nickel.  That's right — you can buy a Coke at Lowell's for the same prices as you could when it was first introduced in Atlanta in 1886: 5 cents.

One of our guys called it our own little economic stimulus package.  Come by the shop for a taste of the good old days…

[where: 111 Mechanic St, Lexington, KY 40507]