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Here’s what people are saying about Lowell’s!

I will never take my car somewhere else again! Lowell’s has the best customer service!

J.R. on Facebook

It is such a pleasure to do business with people that are trustworthy and seem to care about every customer.


We’ve been coming to you for over 23 years now! Here’s to another 23 years of the best car care in Kentucky!

L. & M.G.

We have the utmost confidence in Lowell’s.


I had recently moved to Lexington and bought my first car which happened to be a Toyota. I needed to have my oil changed and I wasn’t familiar with any repair shops in Lexington. So I asked around and I was referred to your business from a friend.

I believe the prices are reasonable and the service is excellent. Whenever I am quoted a price that is exactly the price I end up paying as opposed to other places I have been to where there are all these additional fees tacked on that you are unaware of.

M.B. , Lexington, KY

Below are comments about our bicycle loaner program:

Hi Betty and Lowell,
I saw it in the Business section. It’s a great article. Manager Brian sounded good! Wish I were younger and were able to take advantage of a nice bike ride while you worked on my car.

Excellent practice and excellent publicity.

Thanks. Enjoyed the article. I will be calling soon to bring my car in for a check-up, but I don’t think I will be riding a bike back to work. I think the last time I rode a bike I was 12 years old, so I would probably be dangerous. Sounds like fun anyway.

Super idea, saw it in the paper.

Cool! I like the idea of bicycling over to the restaurant and oinking out – ha!


I just want to say thanks for doing such a great job with my Landcruiser. It is running great and I am really happy with it. Thanks again.

S.R. , Lexington, KY

Enjoy your newsletter, history, the whole bit.

E.M. , Lexington, KY

Thanks for the good service, competitive prices, and congeniality over the counter. The big box boys could learn a lot from your operation.

A.G.D. , Versailles, KY

Following are comments from customers regarding our recently being voted “Favorite Auto Repair Shop” in Lexington Herald-Leader’s 2007 Readers’ Choice Poll:

Atta Boy, Congratulations. You make me proud. WR

Dear Lowell and Betty,
Congratulations to everyone! You are absolutely right – it takes all of your staff members and support people, including your wonderful customers. SMILE! And, let’s not forget: TOYOTA.
Sincerely, MAA

I hope you all don’t mind that I stuffed the ballot box….. I just had my 17 brothers and sisters vote from the same email account….. TH

Nice logo! And congrats on yet another well-deserved award. TN

Congrats and I consider Lowell’s one of my blessings!!!!
Thanks to everyone you ALL do!
Sincerely, PT

No one does it better.
Peas AND Carrots to you.
Well done, indeed.
Jimmie Boy

I’m embarrassed to say how many times I voted for you to help you win the award. No need to thank me, just buy my lunch some day. BM

Way to go. Keep up the good work. AJ

Congratulations, Lowell, that is quite an honor. LC

y’all are great! MAZAL TOV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RMK

We saw that!!! Congrats and best to you and your staff. Thanks for all you do. j and b

you are just amazing RJA

Accolades! EM


Just wanted to say I am always pleased with my service at Lowell’s. I will never buy anything but a Toyota since I will never go anywhere but Lowell’s for service.

A.J. , Lexington, KY

I took my 1991 Corolla to Lowell’s throughout the time I lived in Lexington. Everyone there took SUCH great care of my car. As a female, I always felt like they were being honest and treating me fairly. I would not hesitate to recommend sending anyone to Lowell’s–in fact, I would recommend that people buy a Toyota just so that it could be serviced by the good people at Lowell’s. Thanks!

S.S. , Albuquerque, NM

I am always very very pleased with the service, friendliness I experience at Lowell’s. I continue to tell all my friends that it is a great place to take your car. My daughter said she will never buy a car that is not a Toyota because of Lowell’s.

A.J. , Lexington, KY

A friend told me about your reputation. Everyone is very nice and friendly. I trust that if there is something that needs to be done to my car that i am unaware of Lowells will inform me of this. Essentially, i trust that i am in good hands when i come here. Continue to provide the great service you provide.

R.V. , Lexington, KY

Yet again – another super newsletter. I have been providing business consulting services in the bluegrass for the last two years after 20 years at the newspaper and I use you all as an example all of the time on how to do things right when it comes to honesty, integrity, customer service and communication.

G.G. , Lexington, KY

Lowell and Betty, I want to compliment your staff for their good work. I recently had two experiences which are two most recent examples of why I keep coming back and recommend your business to others. First, I called the shop and requested a recommendation for a body shop. My van was dented in a parking lot – the result of which was that my door rubs against the front quarter panel when I opened it. Clay or Brian (can’t remember who) recommended Tag’s Body Shop. I went there and enjoyed terrific service from Max; he certainly took care of me and noted he truly appreciates the referral of Lowell’s customers. I’ll recommend his shop to others as well. Second, I ground through my front brake pads on the van and brought it in yesterday for service. My wife needed it today for a trip to Cincy. Brian or Clay said one of the parts (caliper, rotor or pad – I don’t remember) would take another day to get in which would not work with my timeframe needs. I asked him what part(s) I needed and picked them up and brought them in. The distributor where I got them gave me a wrong part. When your guys realized this, they swung into action and found a part to work. Even though your shop closes at 6pm, I got there at 6:30pm and the mechanic (didn’t see his name due to darkness) was just finishing up. He said he needed to still drive it around the block to make sure his work was sound and that there would be no problem. He handled me very professionally and gave me a great impression of the mechanics who work in the back of the shop. I really appreciated him staying late to help me out! I thought you would like to know. Please keep up the good work! From a very satisfied customer,

D.Z. , Lexington, KY

We just wanted to thank you for servicing our Camry………..long distance from Louisville. So far, so good……..runs and rides better than it has in a long time!! Thank you for the loaner and your thorough look to discover the “real” problems. We will recommend you to our Louisville friends………it’s worth the trip over!! Thanks again!

J.W. , Louisville, KY

The service is always top notch. I am treated with equal respect to men (and those who know a lot more about repairs than I do). I never feel like I am going to be tricked into a service I don’t need or want.

E.S. , Lexington, KY

G.W. , Lexington, KY
Following are comments from customers regarding our recently being voted —Best Mechanic— in the 2005 ACE Weekly Readers’ Poll: Congratulations! Your loyal customers know that you-all are always the —Best Mechanic—! M.A. , Louisville, KY That’s great that you won the ACE —Best Mechanic— award. It really should be automatic every year for you guys! R.G. , Lexington, KY Lowell, congratulations on your recognition in the ACE Weekly 2005 Readers’ Poll for —Best Mechanic—!! It’s good to see excellent customer service and professionalism recognized!! Way to go!! Keep up the good work!!

Before my husband was referred to Lowell’s, I used to dread going to mechanics. We have been coming to Lowell’s for almost eight years — and have always been extremely satisfied with the customer service, integrity, and excellent work that they do. There have been numerous times when they could have taken advantage of us and they did not. They value their customers and treat them with respect. Brian, Ryan, and the mechanics explain mechanical problems –and options for solving them in terminology that I can easily understand. It’s like having mechanics in the family! Thank you Lowell’s for maintaining our Toyota Previa through 185,000 miles…..and many more.

A.Z. , Lexington, KY

Have always appreciated the work-ability of getting in to be seen (appointments) and even the occasional assistance when something ‘strange’ happens when driving around town.

S.L. , Georgetown, KY

I first learned of Lowell’s through a co-worker, and am I glad I did. XXX (dealer) kept pushing a 15,000 mile maintenance checkup on me, but something didn’t sound right about a “check” costing almost $400. Went to Lowell’s and it cost me around $40, to get everything checked.

M.B. , Versailles, KY

I’ve been bringing my Toyotas to Lowell’s for service over 20 years and have always had excellent service. I would recommend Lowell’s to anyone who owns a Toyota.

P.R. , Georgetown, KY

My name is xxxx and i have a 1987 supra turbo and a 1992 mr2 turbo – any problems i have with them I can bring to lowells and they will fix it no problems very nice people!

E.H. , Lexington, KY

Lowell and Toyota service – an unbeatable combination!

M.A. , Lexington, KY

My name is xxxx and I have a car advertised on your website for sale. I sold the car yesterday 6/14/05. Please remove it from your website when time permits. Thank you very much for allowing me to advertise on your website. I was able to sell my 89 toyota corolla within 7 days because you guys! Thank you very MUCH! I appreciate you guys!

Y.M. , Lexington, KY

Good honest service and help. One big reason I buy Toyotas – I can take it to Lowell’s.

E.B. , Lexington, KY

Several of my friends who had been long-term customers of Lowell’s recommended you highly. Services provided by Lowell’s have consistently been of high quality and fees are reasonable. Your staff are knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. The fact that you retain your staff year after year suggests that you are a well-run organization which values consistency and accountability. Your office staff have always contacted me by phone prior to making unexpected, expensive repairs; and whenever possible, have provided advance warning when major, more costly services would be needed. I have a high level of respect for and trust of Lowell’s staff and am always confident that services will be of the highest quality.

C.P. , Georgetown, KY

Thanks for your expertise and honesty. I only buy cars you can service!

P.C. , Lexington, KY

My uncle recommended your business to me for servicing our ’96 Camry. We have since then traded that vehicle off, but continue to bring our ’00 RX300 to be serviced. The reasons I keep coming back are your friendly staff, prompt service, reasonable prices, and recommended repair item list on a well laid out receipt.

R.T. , Versailles, KY

My car has never run better after being serviced by you all last week. Thank you. All “shimmies” are gone, and I couldn’t have recognized the one coming from the brakes. Also, thanks for your advice about where to go for tires. I now have two new ones on the front and felt very comfortable dealing with Ashley’s. I never think of rotating tires, but they told me to do it oil change after next, as an easy way to remember. I’ll check with you when the time comes as to whether you all can do it, you can take it to Ashley’s at the same time, or whether I need to make a separate appointment. This seems to be a rather long note of appreciation, but I am deeply grateful for your service. Thank you.

B.C. , Lexington, KY

I first became a customer of Lowell’s in 1984 after I purchased my first Toyota. Over the years I have had 3 Toyotas and am now on my 2nd Lexus, all of which have been serviced by Lowell’s. I have confidence in the service at Lowell’s and know there will be no surprises. Trust is important in the automotive business, and I have always had trust in Lowell and his employees.

S.E. , Lexington, KY

Lowell, I’ve known you since 1984. I have brought my Toyota cars to you since that time, always finding a personable welcome and most professional job done. A few trips to other car dealerships with our other non-Toyota vehicles have resulted in not being interested in owning anything but Toyota cars. Your staff and family have been a treasure to know and do business with over the years. Thankful to have you as our specialist.

J.L. , Lexington, KY

I have been coming to Lowell’s for several years now and have always recieved superb service from the front desk to quality of repairs. I recommend to all my friends who own Toyotas this is the place to come. Price is reasonable and fair. Thanks to the great staff and team at Lowell’s.

T.F. , Lexington, KY

I want to say how much I appreciate working with Lowell’s. You run a business with integrity and honesty, and I value that highly!

M.P. , Lexington, KY

Congrats on your 25 years in business! I’m sure God is blessing your dedication to Him and family values. Your company did my 90,000 check-up on my 98 Toyota. It was my first experience with your business, but it won’t be my last. I was treated with respect and concern. This is rare for a woman doing business in what society considers “man’s world”. Again congrats and thank you.

P.S. , Lexington, KY

Hi there, I have a 2002 Sequoia SR5 4×4, I want you all to start servicing it for me. You service our Highlander and I like your work! We purchased the Sequoia new and have been going to the dealer for service, finally came to our senses after paying way too much for service and “inspections” of critical components. We are in need of a 20K service interval, no problems with the vehicle. Can you quote me a price and set an appointment for late next week? Thanks very much!

S.W. , Lexington, KY

Dear Mr. Nigoff, Thank you very much for the For Sale signs and the check list. We did not expect that, you surprised us. I call that customer service. We have been very happy with your services during the past several years. And we will recommend you to our friends and family. Regards,

M.I. , Lexington, KY

To all readers: I would like to take this opportunity to commend Lowell’s for their splendid nature and professionalism in handling my automotive needs. We took our LS400 to xxxx to have the AC serviced. Hot air etc… you know the signs of air conditioning failure. Anyway, the technicians there told us that the problem we were having would take several days and also, several thousand dollars to fix. This was based on a worse case scenario estimate. Lowell’s Toyota charged the system (which xxxx would not), replaced the freon with R134 (which xxxx could not) and had me on my way frost bitten with fresh air before reaching my destination at a tenth, 1/10th of the cost xxxx would have charged me. Thanks Lowell, you’ve got a customer for life.

B.C., Lexington, KY

Julie and I have been very pleased with their work on the 4-Runner so far. They do good work at a reasonable price and they don’t try to sell you repairs you don’t need! Last spring, I took the 4-Runner to them when another shop in Versailles said we needed to do a complete engine re-build. Lowell’s checked the truck and all we needed was a new set of plug wires. Engine job $1500.00, Plug wires $250.00. You do the math! 🙂 Lowell’s could have gone on and done the engine job and billed me the $1500.00, but they didn’t.

P. S. , Lexington, KY

Thank you for placing the ad; however, you can remove it. I found a Toyota Camry yesterday morning on your website, and by yesterday evening had purchased a nice car from Mr. XX. Your website is great. If you ever need to have a referral, please feel free to send the queries my way. Sincerely, RJ


At the suggestion of Lowell, I placed my 1991 Toyota Celica Convertible on Lowell’s Bluegrass Toyota website for sale. The listing generated quite a bit of interest, including Lowell’s own daughter. Lowell also referred many of his customers who were in the market for a used car to me. The real advantage I had in listing with Lowell was that since the people looking were customers of Lowell and knew that I serviced the car at Lowell’s, there were no real issues with respect to the condition of the car. I would highly recommend listing your used Toyota with Lowell. [Also it’s free, Lowell]

P. B. , Lexington

Lowell, You can add my testimony to your list of comments: The honesty and integrity of Lowell’s Bluegrass Automotive are unsurpassed. It is worth the drive from Nashville, TN to have the piece of mind that the job will be done right at a fair price.

C. C. , Nashville, TN

August, 2001 I would like to thank you for doing a nice job fixing my 89′ Supra. The leaks you fixed probably accounted for about 99% of the oil that was leaking out. You mentioned that I probably have another leak somewhere and I have noticed the tiniest bit of oil coming out in the last few days. ………I consider you very good and trustworthy mechanics and have recommended you to everyone I know that owns a Toyota. Thanks

J. L. , Lexington, KY

Lowell, Electronic Toyota want ads! Great idea 😉

A. G.

Lowell, You have a very nice appointment and service-record system. I had no problems making my appointment.

D. S.

Hello Lowell! I like your website and think it is a great idea! I especially enjoyed the start page. See you soon.

J. A.

I’m sure you have already heard this but this is just great!!! I never take my car anywhere else and your comprehensive web site serves as another example why. Thanks for making things easier.

J. S. , Lexington, KY

July 2001 Dear Lowell: I want to compliment your staff for the thorough work performed on my Camry on Friday, June 29th. I have been to several different “garages and “car specialists” in Lexington for the last few years to work on my car. Some were chosen for location, some because I had no choice. I have never found a place where I was particularly satisfied after I have the work done. Until Last Friday. I heard a screw fall inside the driver’s door and then my lock and window buttons became loose. I asked the service station on **** *** if they could fix it. They said yes but didn’t know how much it would cost. Then my sister called her mechanic and he didn’t really have an answer either. So I called your business and the person who answered knew exactly what I was talking about and how much it would cost. So the next day I came down and left my car while I went out of town. The whole time I’m thinking: “they will probably have to order a part, it will probably cost twice as much, etc., etc.” At noon I got a call that my car was ready and the cost for the repair. When I came to pick it up, not only was the lock and the window fixed, but you also replaced a bulb in the back that I had not asked you to fix. How nice! (Once again, I had asked a service station to fix the bulb shown on my dashboard panel, but they said they couldn’t find the problem or that it couldn’t be fixed.) Maybe it sounds like a small thing, but I really appreciate the thorough service and professionalism of your staff and wanted to let you know. I am now a loyal fan of Lowell’s. Thank you , Sincerely,

DLG , Lexington, KY