What’s a cabin air filter?

We recommend changing your car’s cabin air filter about once a year.  Many customers know about their car’s engine air filter, but they aren’t as familiar with the filter for their cabin.

So when we recommend changing the cabin air filter, we’re often asked “What – exactly – is a cabin air filter?”

Good question.

Put simply, a cabin air filter helps purify the air inside your car’s cabin.  The cabin air filter helps keep dust, pollen, and road particles from getting into your car’s heating and air conditioning system, which then helps keep that stuff out of your lungs and out of your car’s interior.

Clean, Dirty, and Filthy Cabin Air FiltersClean, Dirty, and Filthy Cabin Air Filters

Changing your cabin air filter will ensure that your heating and air conditioning system has maximum air flow while keeping the nasty stuff out of your cabin.

The once-a-year guideline is a general one; We really recommend you change the cabin air filter when it gets dirty.  And that depends on your driving conditions.

If you often drive on dusty roads or over leaf-covered streets in the fall, you may need your cabin filter changed more often.  If you drive in cleaner conditions, you can probably wait longer than a year between changes.

Feel free to call the shop with any questions, and – if it is time for a filter change or other service for your vehicle – to make an appointment for service.


Lowell’s Joins Local First Lexington

Here at Lowell’s, we have long supported buying goods and services from small, local businesses to spur Lexington’s economic development.

We believe that buying from local businesses keeps more of Lexington’s money at home – helping to create jobs and greater opportunity here.  (See more of our rationale in our “Local First” post.)

LFL So – in a long-overdue step – we are pleased to announce that Lowell’s has now joined Local First Lexington.

So… what is Local First Lexington?

Local First Lexington is an alliance of nearly 200 independent, Lexington-owned businesses, aimed at celebrating and promoting buying locally-produced products.

If you’re interested in buying more local goods and services, please visit LFL’s directory of great local businesses.