Lowell’s is underwriting WUKY

Once in a while, we get a chance to do something which does good for our community while also doing well for ourselves. 

We've found such an opportunity with public radio.  We've long admired the quality reporting and programming of National Public Radio and our local public radio stations. 

So we are pleased to announce that Lowell's is the newest underwriter for WUKY 91.3 FM, public radio at the University of Kentucky.  Our first of many underwriting announcements (kind of like an ad spot) will run at 7:09 AM on Morning Edition.  Other announcements will run on All Things Considered, Marketplace, and (a personal favorite) Car Talk.  (You might remember our post a few weeks ago about Lowell's on Car Talk.)

We are also proud to announce that Lowell's is the first underwriter of WUKY's HD Radio programming.  WUKY is the first station in Lexington to offer HD programming, and has 3 separate HD broadcasts which you can hear with an HD radio, or via webstream:

  • WUKY Main: WUKY's usual mix of news and adult rock, which can also be heard at 91.3 FM on standard radios or over an internet connection here.
  • WUKY HD-2 ("Wookie 2"): Adult rock 24/7, with a webstream here.
  • WUKY HD-3 ("Wookie 3"): All news all the time, including many NPR and BBC programs not formerly available in Lexington: Talk of the Nation, Day to Day, Diane Rehm, and other news, with a webstream here.  (As a news junkie, I'm often camped out at the WUKY 3 webstream…)

We are proud to sponsor listener-supported public radio.  Please listen with us!

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