While you wait: Giacomo’s New York Deli

A couple of blocks down Limestone from Lowell's — across from the new courthouse — is Giacomo's New York Deli, home to some of the biggest, tastiest sandwiches in Lexington.  They import their generous portions of corned beef and pastrami from the Carnegie Deli in New York City, and all of their ingredients are tasty and abundant.
If you get to Lowell's early, you can try out breakfast at Giacomo's.  I like the Hit 'N Run (English muffin, egg, and sausage or ham) — served with Giacomo's trademark heaping helping of ingredients.

For lunch, try any of their huge sandwiches.  I recommend the Grand Cran (turkey, stuffing, and cranberry
sauce) — it's like Thanksgiving on a bun.  Be sure to get a Vernor's or Doc Brown's soda to drink with your sandwich, too (Vernor's is my favorite "ginger soda", which originated in Detroit after the Civil War.  Good stuff.)

[where: 133 N Limestone, Lexington, KY 40601]

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